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Hotel-Gasterij Smeets / In het Gouden Hoefijzer in the Midden-Limburgse Maasbrac...

Hotel-Gasterij Smeets / In het Gouden Hoefijzer in the Midden-Limburgse Maasbracht has put together a number of beautiful Limburgia arrangements, ideal for a wonderful holiday in your own country. This cosy Bed & Breakfast, which used to be a smithy, is small-scale and has room for a limited number of people per night. It concerns three unique tourist car trips through the Limburgia country according to an all-inclusive package.

Owner and host René Smeets is in terms of hobby a successful car rally navigator and organiser on a (semi) professional level, which gifts he has already 'inherited' from his father.
Together with his son Ivo, René has set out three beautiful car routes on the most unthinkable, remote and spectacular 'rally' roads in Limburg. Of course, the routes take mainly secondary, asphalted roads and you will reach places and through beautiful villages/houses you have undoubtedly never heard of.

Thanks to their international 'rallying expertise', you can indulge yourself by driving on fun, traffic-free inland roads and in the meantime enjoy the landscape, natural beauty and the many places of interest along the routes.
The following routes have been mapped out for you:

1. the Maasroute Zuid (up to Maastricht) of 97.8 km

2. The Meuse route North (up to Venlo) of 150.4 km

3. The eastern agricultural route through central Limburg between the Belgian and German border of 89.6 km.

All routes do not cross foreign borders.

Upon arrival you will be welcomed in advance with Limburg flan and unlimited coffee or tea.

In the morning of your departure from one of the routes, you can compose your own lunch package here, including various types of bread, a wide choice of toppings, eggs, yoghurts, fruit, Limburg flan, drinks, etc. Of course you can also enjoy your lunch at one of the many catering establishments along the routes. Picnic locations are also indicated in the simple itinerary.

The routes are also provided with marked overview maps, so that you can return to the original route very easily in the event of route deviations and/or route blockages.

To make things even more fun, we also provide you with interesting and related facts about the route, plus a number of questions you can solve while driving this route.

When you return to Gasterij Smeets, you will be welcomed with a well-earned drink of your choice, including the accompanying refreshments.
In the evening you can enjoy culinary delights in one of the many good (star) restaurants at the Maasbracht harbour. Of course you can also opt for a daily menu from our own kitchen.

The costs of the package are € 149.00 for 2 persons and are included:

Personal welcome with Limburg flan
Complete route book 
Packed lunch 
Dressed up welcome drink after the tour 
Overnight stay in our authentic forge 
Extensive breakfast buffet 
CO2 offsetting of your trip 
For stays of 2 or more nights you will even receive a 10% discount on the total price!

You can only book directly via info@hotelgasterijsmeets.nl / our booking module at www.hotelgasterijsmeets.nl, and via Tel. (00-31-(0)475-464679. So you are assured of a wonderful night's sleep, personal attention and unparalleled driving pleasure through the beautiful Limburg countryside. In this way you will really discover what the hospitality of Limburg means.


With exceptional hospitable greetings,

Smeets family.

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