Accommodation in and around Weert

From low-priced overnight accommodation to a night in a luxury hotel

Whether you’re travelling alone, as a couple, with the children or the whole family and whether you want to spend just one night away or stay for a week’s holiday, you’ll find plenty of choice of accommodation in Weert, Swartbroek, Stramproy, Tungelroy or Altweerterheide.

From a cheap bed for the night to a luxurious holiday.

We offer a wide variety of accommodation, ranging from a cheap bed for the night to a more luxurious holiday experience including a number of options in truly unique or particularly romantic settings.

The hottest part of the Netherlands.

Limburg has the hottest temperatures in the Netherlands in the summer months and also the most hours of sunshine. So if you’re looking to maximise your chances of a sunny holiday in the Netherlands, come to Limburg.

Hospitable Weert

When staying in the municipality of Weert, you’re assured of a highly enjoyable experience thanks to the characteristic hospitality that Limburg is famous for. Come and enjoy sunsets and sunrises in the Limburg countryside.

Germany, Belgium and nature are right on the doorstep

One of the great things about Weert is that it’s a very ‘green’ place. It is also situated right on the border with Belgium, and Germany is less than a 30-minute drive away. This means that your holiday will be a truly cosmopolitan experience, not least because many Belgian influences can also be felt in the municipality of Weert itself. Thanks to Weert’s location on the border with Belgium and so close to Germany, it’s the ideal base for many attractive cross-border walks, bike rides, drives or motorbike routes.