Parking in Weert

Paid parking

As of 1 January 2016, the following times apply for paid on-street parking: Monday-Saturday from 9.00-18.00 h. This means that on-street parking is free on Thursday evenings (late-night shopping) but also that you must pay for parking for one hour after shop-closing times on Saturdays. 

These times do not apply to car parks with a barrier as they operate 24-hour charging periods.

Parking on Sundays, bank holidays and Sunday-opening days

On Sundays (including Sunday-opening days) free parking is available in Weert in the outdoor pay-and-display car parks, in the on-street parking bays and in some multi-storey car parks. This does not apply to the multi-storeys that have a barrier, nor does it apply to the Q-Park P+R car park on Parallelweg. In these cases, you must pay for parking for the whole day, even on Sundays. The car parks with a barrier are found at: Stationsplein, Centrum, Poort van Limburg, Walburgpassage, Ursulinen and – as of spring 2016 – multi-storey car park De Munt.  

Payment options

All ticket machines accept advance payment before 09.00 h, and most of them from 05.00 h onwards, even though the charging period does not start until 09.00 h.

In addition to cash payments, you can also pay afterwards using the Weerterlandpas card, visitors’ card or mobile phone. The municipality of Weert calls this PLUSparkeren.(NL)

For more information about parking in Weert, click here.(NL)